Building breakthrough teams.


Powerful teams.


Highly effective team building & management are force multipliers on your likelihood of success.

How you build & manage your team will be the difference between achieving your vision and falling short - especially if you’re attempting things that haven’t been done before. It’s how you recruit, who you hire, how you onboard, manage, and develop them, and what systems you put in place to support them doing their best work.

I’ve spent the last decade in talent & people operations: building and selling a recruiting firm, running recruiting & hiring for a presidential campaign, building people teams from scratch, winning a high-stakes New York State Senate race, and advising founders and execs on issues across the people/talent stack. The common thread through all of my experiences has been combining strategy, high-output operating principles, and effective tools to create powerful talent engines.

Formidable is a full-stack people operations consultancy that gets in the trenches with our clients to level up their teams. We work with founders and execs at high-potential companies to make sure they’ve got the core elements of modern team building & management in place.

Formidable’s client portfolio includes industry-leading firms in media, consumer product, fintech, and politics.

If you’re building a high-potential team and want to make sure you get it right, we’re here to help.

Nathaniel Koloc

Service Offerings


  • Advising on key points of leverage for a CEO or Executive Director to develop or improve company culture.

  • Creating a people operations roadmap to align executive team and staff on people ops priorities at each stage of company growth.

  • Prioritizing & scoping executive roles, based on the biggest opportunities to accelerate the business.

  • Managing and coaching recruiters, people ops managers, coordinators, HR managers, and other people functions.

  • Developing key performance indicators for the people team, and building dashboards to track progress and support accountability.

  • Selecting and managing executive search firms so that they deliver what you need.

  • Setting a meaningful & effective vision for what diversity, equity, and inclusion will look like at your company - and embracing shared accountability for your entire team.

Talent brand & recruiting OPS UPGRADES

  • Making sure the world sees an accurate and compelling picture of what it’s like to work at your company.

  • Designing fast-ramp hiring operations when you need to scale up quickly.

  • Establishing best-in-context recruiting ops so you spend your time talking with promising candidates, and not wasting any of your team’s time.

  • Having an effective, engaging interview sequence that correctly identifies who would be a fantastic add to your team.

  • Scoping roles to be accurate and inviting, so that the talent market responds right away.

  • Ensuring your offer packages are competitive enough to win the talent you need to hire.

Team performance UPGRADES

  • Designing objectives that push the team to find the breakthroughs that lead to momentum.

  • Making sure team communications and information flow is setup to support everyone doing their best work.

  • Working to actively deepen trust between team members and across units/departments.

  • Optimizing 1:1s, so that everyone on the team has the right context to do their job well.

  • Unlocking real feedback, to turn the team into a self-reinforcing learning machine.

  • Creating individual growth plans, and making sure everyone in the company is working at maximum personal effectiveness.



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