Powerful teams for the restorative economy.

Talent consulting & executive search.

Strong performance emerges from the complexity within companies.

It takes an ecological perspective to cultivate performance in the interlocking teams, people, personalities, expectations, and routines of your organization.

Formidable works with founders and executives that are building a more resilient, equitable and vibrant society.


agtech, cellular agriculture, climate tech, bioengineering


economic mobility, racial justice, philanthropy, democracy reform


arts & culture, media,
gaming, learning, lifestyle

Level up your team.

Key Hires
Retained searches to find your ideal executive and increase the power and performance of your team.
Strategic Projects
Strategic projects that improve how you hire, onboard, support, and develop, and inspire your people.
Executive Support
Strategic support and coaching for founders, CEOs, and execs as they build their orgs.

Why Formidable?

Diverse Teams
Formidable has a strong track record of building diverse and equitable teams.
Distributed Teams
We design and build co-located, semi-distributed, and fully-distributed teams.
Talent Market Insights
End your search with a better understanding of your talent market.
Best In The Business
Formidable welcomes
difficult searches that
have stumped other firms.

What our clients have to say:

New Harvest

“Formidable’s process helped me understand what we needed. Nathaniel is a great listener and asked insightful questions to deeply understand our company culture. I would absolutely recommend Formidable to anyone who's new to hiring or interested to learn the philosophy, strategy & practicality of it.”

— Isha Datar, Executive Director,
New Harvest


“Formidable was instrumental in redesigning our People team from scratch, and we've been firing on all cylinders since then. Nathaniel is fantastic and easy to work with, a highly recommended partner for anyone that needs this sort of work done well."

— David Levine, Chief Operating Officer,

Unite America

“Working with Nathaniel has helped me unlock a better version of myself as a leader, manager, and operator. His combination of questions, pushback, and ideas have proven invaluable across multiple dimensions of effectively running and scaling an organization. He's been indispensable."

— Nick Troiano, Executive Director,
Unite America
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