Cultivating American vitality.

Org design, talent systems, & executive search for vital teams.

Outstanding performance
through elegant design.

Breakthrough team performance requires arranging the
people, structures, and routines of your company to support maximize context-sharing and accountability.

Formidable serves founders and executives building companies that foster American vitality.


climate tech, agtech,
industrials & manufacturing, synbio


economic mobility, workforce development, democracy reform


architecture &
built infrastructure,
placemaking, arts

Accelerate your company's velocity.

Key Hires
Hands-on searches to find your ideal executive, improving the horsepower and dynamics of your team.
Org Design & Org Upgrades
Strategic projects that solve your headaches and unlock your teams'  potential to accelerate growth.
Fractional People Leadership
Embedded, strategy-forward People expertise, including management of  People teams/functions.

Why Formidable?

Diverse Teams
We have a strong track record of building diverse, high-performing teams.
Distributed Teams
We design and build co-located, semi-distributed, and fully-distributed teams.
Talent Market Insights
End your search with a better understanding of your talent market.
Best In The Business
We welcome difficult searches that have stumped other firms.

What our clients have to say:


“Formidable has been absolutely critical in getting our people operations to where they needed to be. Nathaniel has been a trusted advisor to me and our senior leadership, and has directly helped build the diverse and outstanding team that is the HR&A you see today.”

— Jeff Hebert, President,
HR&A Advisors


“Formidable was instrumental in redesigning our People team from scratch, and we've been firing on all cylinders since then. Nathaniel is fantastic and easy to work with, a highly recommended partner for anyone that needs this sort of work done well."

— David Levine, COO,

Unite America

“Working with Nathaniel has helped me unlock a better version of myself as a leader, manager, and operator. His combination of questions, pushback, and ideas have proven invaluable across multiple dimensions of effectively running and scaling an organization. He's been indispensable."

— Nick Troiano, Executive Director,
Unite America
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