Take your org to the next level.

Critical Hires

A nimble, no-nonsense search service that includes role scoping, hiring process design, candidate archetyping, screening conversations, a diverse pool of applicants, insights about your talent brand, and hands-on decision-making support and perspective all the way through a signed offer letter. We’ll even help you design onboarding so your key hire is up and running in record time.

Our searches are always conducted with the core perspective that diverse & inclusive teams are essential to healthy culture and strong performance.

Org Design

Examples of these large, multi-month projects include building (or re-building) People departments from scratch, assembling strategic roadmaps for People/Talent teams or the entire organization, designing & conducting re-orgs, or upgrading specific components like performance reviews, recruiting operations, and or compensation models.

We conduct our work as strong advocates for diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams. For projects that are exclusively and explicitly crafted as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, we work with a network of trusted partners.

Fractional People Exec

A trusted, confidential relationship for founders, CEOs, and executives who want to see themselves and their teams achieve breakthrough performance. Equal parts sparring partner, co-strategist, sounding board, and executive-level ally, this is a "full contact" service aimed at framing your challenges and opportunities, working through your options on major decisions, and even helping land the plane with your team. Conducted from the perspective of a seasoned People executive, to help you navigate the turbulence involved in building a knockout team.

The service includes multiple monthly calls to delve into your executive strengths & strategy, org design, and team management, as well as bi-weekly calls with your team, and feedback on memos and other deliverables. This service also unlocks access to referrals to consultants, creative talent, and other specialists in the Formidable network, as well as discounted rates on Critical Hires and Org Design work.

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