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Designing a Diverse Team for HR&A

HR&A is the national market leader in urban and economic development, advising private, public, and philanthropic clients on how to improve quality of life in cities. The company had grown to the point of needing a dedicated talent team to ensure smooth and effective hiring and people operations. We’ve enjoyed a multi-year partnership to design a talent function that could scale, to deliver on key hiring needs while that function was being built, and to support firm management in decisions relating to people and talent.
Over the course of our partnership we designed the talent department roadmap, helped hire dozens of Analysts and multiple Directors, recruited their Head of People, and designed a fundamentally new organizational structure to set the company up for exceptional staff experience, further growth, and market dominance.
“Formidable has been absolutely critical in getting our people operations to where they needed to be. Nathaniel has been a trusted advisor to me and our senior leadership, and has directly helped build the diverse and outstanding team that is the HR&A you see today.”
Jeff Hebert, President, HR&A Advisors

Rebuilding BerlinRosen's People Team

In early 2019, BerlinRosen was experiencing significant growth in headcount and sharp growing pains with a people team that wasn't meeting the organization's needs, and wasn't built to scale. Formidable led the work of rebuilding that team from the ground up, including rescoping roles and team structure, outlining processes, and selecting new tools.
We hired a Director of Talent, Talent Manager, People Operations Manager, and a Director of Human Resources, and went on to update performance reviews, compensation philosophy, and other key projects. With the new team & processes in place, BerlinRosen went on to hire 89 excellent hires by the end of that year, now with a strategic and proactive people team in place.
“Formidable was instrumental in redesigning our People team from scratch, and we've been firing on all cylinders since then. Nathaniel is fantastic and easy to work with, a highly recommended partner for anyone that needs this sort of work done well.”
David Levine, Chief Operating Officer, BerlinRosen

Finding New Harvest a Chief Operating Officer

New Harvest was growing fast and Isha Data, Executive Director, was ready to hire an internal executive lead who could manage the team and the organization’s performance, so that she could focus on fundraising, resourcing, and evangelism for the organization.
Formidable worked with Isha to scope & frame the role, and design an effective and compelling hiring process. We delivered over a dozen diverse candidates, and were happy to place Dr. Paige Wilcoxson as New Harvest’s Chief Operating Officer.
“Formidable’s process helped me find clarity around what we needed. I would absolutely recommend Formidable to anyone who is new to hiring and interested to learn the philosophy, strategy, and practicality around it.”
Isha Datar, Executive Director, New Harvest

Supporting Unite America's Executive

Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite America, wanted to upgrade the organization’s people operations functions, and needed a partner on his executive development.
Formidable upgraded Unite America’s recruiting operations systems and led Nick’s 2019 Executive Review, and continues to support Nick & his leadership team in matters of organizational strategy, management, performance, and key hires.
“Working with Nathaniel has helped me unlock a better version of myself as a leader, manager, and operator. His combination of questions, pushback, and ideas have proven invaluable across multiple dimensions of effectively running and scaling an organization. He's been indispensable.”
Nick Troiano, Executive Director, Unite America